Company History

daffs_300Established in 1968, Fraser Technologies has been supplying, supporting and specifying component cleaning processes, equipment and electonics soldering products for over forty years.

Our roots are in the aerospace, defence and electronics sectors. Our customer base includes a significant number of global businesses in these demanding manufacturing industries. Over the past few years we have expanded to embrace the wider industrial market for component cleaning and degreasing, cleaning chemistry and equipment.

This expansion included a move to new and larger premises in Livingston's Houstoun Industrial Estate, only fifteen minutes from Edinburgh airport and only five minutes from Junction 3 of the M8 motorway. Whilst based in Livingston, our activities are by no means confined to Scotland. Customers are based throughout the British mainland and beyond, supported by our own dedicated technical sales and service staff.

The growth of the company was very much in tandem with the general expansion of the market, which was spurred on by the Solvent Emission Directive (SED) and other advancing environmental and health and safety requirements.

Managing Director Graham Fraser says, 'Some years ago, well before the EU's Solvent Emission Directive became a major talking point in the surface finishing sector of manufacturing, we recognised the potential for establishing a service that could offer genuinely independant expertise to support the industry through the transition into more environmentally acceptable component cleaning technologies'.

Remaining independent has always been a major factor in our business strategy. We cover all the key technologies from dirty degreasing to high end precision component cleaning, bringing together equipment and chemistry from market leading suppliers. Combine this with our genuinely independent advice, our aim is to introduce the best technology for the particular application involved, whilst still maintaining an acceptable environmental profile.

Fraser Technologies have undergone a process of continual technical and environmental improvements to ensure best possible technical results as well as legislative compliance. We continually assess and improve our product offering in line with changing environmental legislation.  Our very early accreditation of ISO 9001:2001 & 14001 recognises our progress and ongoing commitment to our clients and the environment.