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  • New DuPont™ Vertrel® Sion™
    New DuPont™ Vertrel® Sion™
  • Vertrel® SDG
    Vertrel® SDG
  • Vertrel® SFR
    Vertrel® SFR
  • Vertrel® XP
    Vertrel® XP
  • Vertrel® MCA
    Vertrel® MCA
  • Vertrel® XF
    Vertrel® XF

DuPont™Vertrel® Sion™

Vertrel® specialty fluids are versatile

DuPont Vertrel® specialty fluids are versatile, with unique properties that enable use in a wide range of applications. Vertrel® is perfect for electronics defluxing, low residue, precision cleaning, and replacing Trik, nPb and HCFC's.

Vertrel® specialty fluids are:

  • Designed to clean a wide range of soils
  • Fast residue - free drying
  • Compatible with a broad range of metals, plastics and elastomers
  • Ideal replacements for PFC's, PFPE's, HFE, nPB and Chlorinated solvents
  • Chemically and thermally stable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Safe to use

As there are multiple Vertrel® products which can be used for the same application, please contact us so we can help guide you to the best solution for your requirements.

Download the product brochure for Vertrel® Specialty Fluids

Fraser Technologies in partnership with DuPont

Fraser Technologies have been the sole UK distributor for DuPontVertrel® specialty fluids for over fifteen years. DuPont is a dynamic science company with a strong committment to protecting the environment. By virtue of better performance and environmental properties, DuPont Vertrel® specialty fluids have been developed and are proven to be ideal replacements for solvents with ozone depleting and high global warming potential. In recognition of our committment to DuPont, we were awarded the 2010 'Outstanding Distributor Award' at the DuPont European Supplier Conference held in France.